Yael Orgad-Inbar, Head Designer
Designing fashion is how Yael Orgad-Inbar makes women happy. When she was only 14, she started using her mother’s sewing machine to play around with fabric, pattern and color. By the time she was a student at the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, she displayed a distinctive style - the same thumb print that is evident in her designs today. While still in Shenkar, she worked as a designer for large, esteemed fashion brands. Later, as an outstanding student, she was granted an apprenticeship with New York’s renowned fashion designer Elie Tahari. There she acquired the skills and knowledge to manage a fashion house larger than any in Israel. In 1999 she decided it was time to embark on a new adventure and she opened her own business.
Yael incorporates her various passions into her designs. Yoga, which she has been practicing daily for years has taught her that one must be comfortable in one’s own skin; people and cultures that she has encountered over the years have opened her to a world of wonderful colors and materials; her love for drawing has contributed soft, flowing lines to her designs; and her family served as a great example of love for all human beings. These are all woven into the clothes that understand women.

Clothes that Understand Women
The body always knows the truth. It knows when it is comfortable, when it feels right, when it does not need to conceal itself. When we feel that way, it shows. It radiates, like a smile. That is why I sketch my designs in peace, thinking about myself, of you, of the need for comfort and being satisfied with myself.
We go through many changes in life. As we grow older we turn into women, become mothers, and our body keeps changing. The clothes we wear look different on us, and sometimes, when it frustrates us, we give up the joy of feeling and looking great in our clothes. I believe, however, that we should not abandon that feeling and that we should enjoy quality clothes that are comfortable and unique, that convey the true and complete feminine presence.
That is why my designs fit any size and are right for any age; the materials used are natural, soft and breathable. And I chose bright colors too: a woman should not wear grey or black to hide her body, but enjoy an array of colors that brightens her face and her day. I believe that when you choose a color in the morning, you’re choosing the mood for the rest of the day, and I believe that it is my mission, as a designer, to enable you to pick a good mood.
I want to make women happy, to give them something of me. If I please a woman with clothes that understand her – I’ve made it.

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